It’s not always easy to carry your heavy groceries home, and that is why we provide a door to door delivery service.


Region Den Haag

For Den Haag or nearby regions* we provide free home delivery from a minimum spending of €60,-. Most of the deliveries will be made in the weekend, including Friday.


Outside den Haag

For deliveries outside of Den Haag and nearby regions* we have a parcel service. This parcel service will allow you to to order up to 30kg, and without a minimum spending. You will also be provided with a track&trace number, which can be used to track the parcel.
We guarantee you the lowest prices in the shop, and no additional charges.**


How to order

To make an order for delivery, please fill in the contact form found at the contact page. We will check your order and send you a proforma a.s.a.p. After you have confirmed the proforma to be correct, we will start the delivery process. Please be sure to give your full contact information and the quantity/size of all the requested products.
It is also possible to send us a message on Facebook to request a delivery.


If you have any questions regarding the delivery service, please feel free to contact us.


*Nearby Regions include: Rijswijk, Kijkduin, Scheveningen and Voorburg and is Ground Floor only
**There will be a delivery fee for the parcel of €8,95. This fee is to pay for the postal service.

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